New Features

  • Keep Agents Informed about Schedule Changes*

    When you re-email out a schedule it will update to display as an unviewed schedule for all recipient Agents. Just make sure to send times after you make changes, and this improvement will help ensure that Agents do not miss any changes to a schedule which they have already viewed, including any messages you send with the audition times.

  • Save Time by Reusing Previous Email Messages

    When you email out a project or send a schedule’s times more than once, you now have the option to re-use your previous email subject and message. When this option is selected, the last sent subject and message will be used to auto-fill those fields for the new email. Please note that at the time this option is selected, any text you have already entered in these fields will be overwritten by that which was previously sent. However, once you have selected the option, you can edit the auto-filled subject and message to include any additions or changes.

    email project

  • Keep better track of which Agencies have Submitted to a Project*

    On your project overview there is a list of all Agencies from whom you have requested submissions, including a color indication of the agency’s submission status:

    Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 9.22.18 AM

    Previously, the Agency name on this list would change from orange to black, only when the agency had marked every role complete.  With this new feature, the Agency name will now change colors when the agency has sent submissions for at least one role in the project, giving you a more accurate understanding of which agencies have submitted to your project and which have not.


New Tweaks

  • Removed Willing To Do Extra Work Question From Schedule Size Sheet Report

    We heard from many casting directors who did not want talent to see this question on their size sheet, unless the talent had answered “yes” to this question while Checking In.  The question will no longer appear on the size sheet report, except in the above condition.

  • Hitting Enter/Return while using Add Talent Will Perform Search *

    When you use Add Talent to add someone to a schedule or session, you can now hit the enter/return key to trigger the search.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Check In Phone Number Issue *

    When a talent creates a new profile at Check In, the phone number was not storing in a field that prints on the Size Sheet reports. We have changed the way the Size Sheet functions so that it will print with the number that is entered at Check In.

  • Fixed Double Click issue with Send Times Button

    Previously you could double click the send times button and the send times modal would open and close very quickly. Times would not be sent, but the Send Times button changed from orange to gray. We have changed it so that if you double click the send times button the modal will open properly and the send times button will not change color unless the times have actually been sent.

  • Fixed Issue with Long Project Names on Projects Page

    If a project name was very long, it could cause a visual glitch, wrapping to a second line that would overlap the first. This should no longer happen.

* This feature or bug fix only applies to Accredited Casting Director accounts