New Sessions Features*

  • Podcast By Talent*

    We have added a new way to podcast your sessions. On the Get Podcast Page, if you select Podcast By Talent, a separate video for each talent in your session will download to iTunes. The files will be labeled with the Talent’s name and group number. We hope that this will provide an easier way to manage video downloads when they are used outside of iTunes.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 3.34.33 PM

  • Zoom In On Print Casting Photos*

    When viewing the group detail view in a print casting mode session, you can now zoom in on the photos by hovering over the large image. Click on the magnify icon, and hover over the photo: A virtual magnifying glass will appear to provide you with a zoomed in image.

  • Scroll Through Group Photos Group Overview Page*

    For sessions set to print casting mode, we have added the ability to scroll through all photos in the group directly on the group overview page. On an iPad you can touch scroll!


Session Design Tweaks*

  • Re-sized Group Detail View For Print Casting Mode Sessions*

    When the group detail view is opened in a print session, the new window will now open in a resized window instead of a full screen window. Also, the photo carousel was previously being cut off at the bottom when viewing the page on an iPad or smaller laptop screen. The full photo carousel will now display on smaller screens.

  • Faster and Larger Images On Hover For Print Casting Mode*

    When viewing the session overview for a Print Casting Mode Session, if you hover over one of the photos in a group the photo preview appears faster and larger.

image hover

  • Removed “No Video Available” Indicator For Print Casting Mode Sessions*

    We heard from Casting Directors that when they were doing a print only session the “No Video Available” indicator made the session look incomplete. We have removed this indicator.


no video avail

  • Added Markers To Print Casting Mode Videos*

    Previously, markers were only available for standard and Edit Select Mode presentations. They are now available when viewing videos for a session set to print casting mode.

Other Updates

  • Design Improvements For Worksheet

    With this new design the buttons and drop down menus are lined up properly. There is also now an indicator when you are sorting by a specific column.  We hope that the worksheet is now organized in a way that is easier for scanning and finding what you are looking for.


  • Explanation For Contact Information To Check In*

    We received reports that talent using Check In did not understand why they needed to input their contact information. Now when a talent checks in at your audition there is an explanation as to why this information is required.

  • Explanation For Sides Feature

    In the Sides/Documents section on the create project page and the create role page there is now an explanation for how the sides feature functions. It says “If you would like talent to have access to the sides, please make sure to attach them to the corresponding roles. Please note that talent will only be able to view the sides if they have been scheduled.” We do plan in the future on having the option to post sides to Casting Billboard roles so that talent can have access to the sides before they are scheduled.


Bug Fixes*

  •  Replace Talent Interface Header Fix

    The text in the header of the Replace Talent interface on the Worksheet was being cut off when there were long role names. It will now move onto a second line, instead of being cut off.

  • Fixed Setting Photo As Group Thumbnail Issue*

    When creating a session with group photos, there was an issue where you could not set the first uploaded photo to be the group thumbnail. You will now be able to set any photo as the group or talent thumbnails.

  • Print Casting Mode Was Too Wide For iPad*

    Fixed an issue where print casting mode sessions expanded beyond the iPad screen. The presentation should now properly fit the iPad.

  • Print Casting Display Issues With Long Role and Talent Names*

    Fixed an issue where, if the talent name and role name were very long, the formatting of the header on the group view page was thrown off.

  • Removed flowplayer Watermark From Print Casting Mode Videos*

    The flowplayer watermark has been removed from videos displayed in print casting mode.


* This feature or bug fix only applies to Accredited Casting Director accounts